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Which corner sofa for the living room? What to choose for a large family?

According to many people, a successful rest is a wonderfully lazy one. And what could be more conducive to carefree lazing than a well-chosen corner sofa?

A comfortable corner sofa is one on which you can comfortably watch a film with your family, stretch out reading your favourite book or simply take a peaceful nap. Remember, a corner sofa is a piece of furniture that should be more than just beautiful! Its size, functionality and practical upholstery are also important.

The magic of modules

For a big family? A large corner sofa, of course! Manufacturers of sofa sets can offer a really wide range of corner sofas in various shapes and sizes. A single person needs about 80 cm of free space to comfortably rest cuddled up in soft cushions. Therefore, it is not difficult to calculate that a family of four should buy a piece of furniture about 320 cm wide.
Modular corner sofas are currently causing quite a furore. And no wonder! This modern furniture can be easily adjusted to any living room arrangement.
Some corner units are even composed of several dozen modules! Segments of furniture may be joined and rearranged at will, thus changing their shape. It is no surprise then that modular corners feel perfectly at home in both large and small interiors.

Practical upholstery

A large family often has several unruly toddlers. Children love experiments, especially creative ones, so it may turn out that the corner has suddenly been covered with colourful chalk drawings. Fortunately there are ways to cope with toddlers’ creativity! Manufacturers more and more frequently offer corner sofas upholstered with fabrics, whose fibres are covered with an invisible stain resistant coating.
Thanks to this innovative technology difficult dirt can be easily removed from the upholstery – sometimes with just water and a cloth. The colour of the upholstery fabric also matters – shades of grey are obviously the most practical.
If you dream of a corner sofa bathed in light tones – white, ivory or ecru, choose a version with cushions “dressed” in covers. This way you can easily remove and wash them.

The type of fabric matters

Many people wonder what type of upholstery to choose – linen, jacquard, velour or maybe leather or eco-leather? Fabrics are undoubtedly cosier and easier to care for.
They also boast a huge range of colours and textures. Tweed is perfect for simple Scandinavian interiors, while jacquard embossing will work beautifully in retro settings. Leather, on the other hand, will add timeless elegance to your living room. If properly cared for and cleaned with high-quality products, leather can age beautifully. Its disadvantage is low resistance to stains, especially greasy ones and those caused by drinks. What’s more, improperly tanned natural leather can quickly develop unsightly abrasions.
Those who prefer ecological solutions will certainly opt for eco-leather. This choice has many advantages – the material is much cheaper than natural leather, remains water-resistant, requires no maintenance and surprises with its rich colour palette.

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