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Spring mattresses

A mattress is a practical design that has been created to provide our body with adequate support while sleeping or resting in a lying position. Properly selected mattress will allow to achieve safe, comfortable and healthy sleep. A bedroom is usually a space of limited dimensions, so many people decide to buy a sofa or corner sofa that can be adapted to the needs of users, but a much more comfortable option is to invest in a stable bed and mattress that will serve for many years of everyday use.

When planning to buy a bed, not only should you consider the materials used in the production of the frame, but also the frame and mattress that will be responsible for our sleep. The above mentioned elements, if well chosen, will not only take care of daily regeneration, but also of the condition of the spine.

What kind of mattress filling?

When deciding to buy a mattress, you should consider a few elements before making a final decision. It is necessary to think about the type of mattress you choose, as well as its hardness – you must not forget about the right size in relation to the bed. We spend a large part of our lives in bed, so it is worth investing in this piece of equipment, which will allow us to regenerate after a hard day and calm our broken nerves.

The mattress chosen should be perfectly matched to our weight and height. The best solution is to choose a model that is neither too hard nor too soft – it should fit our spine in a quite natural way. There is a huge selection of mattresses available in furniture stores, which usually have different inserts – they influence our rest. There are foam fillings, such as polyurethane foam or thermo-elastic foam, as well as latex, which is a mixture of synthetic latex with rubber tree milk. Pocket mattresses, which are joined together in thin fabric bags, are becoming increasingly popular.

Bonell mattress, pocket and multipocket

The spring mattresses discussed in the article can be divided into three types, i.e. pocket mattresses, multipocket mattresses and bonell mattresses. Pocket mattresses, i.e. pocket mattresses, are known for the fact that each spring is somehow placed in a separate pocket made of material that adapts to the shape of the body.

Bonell mattresses are often connected with each other by a highly elastic wire, which allows for an even distribution of body weight – a type of mattress that will work well for people with higher body weight. The last type of spring mattresses are multipocket models, which differ from the above mentioned mattresses by denser springs, which makes the mattress retain a great point flexibility.

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