Friday, May 14

Scandinavian style couch

Are you looking for interesting and designer yet highly functional living room furniture? “Must have” will certainly be a comfortable sofa, which will not only emphasize the style of the interior, but will also affect the comfort of rest. A properly selected sofa will make the selected space gain a distinctive character and an extremely aesthetic appearance.

Usually it is the sofa that determines the final appearance of the space, as it takes up most of the space and is the main place to meet with family or friends. Recently the Scandinavian style has been gaining popularity, which combines subdued colors of white, grey and black with wooden elements – such a solution will work well in both smaller and slightly larger living rooms.

Simplicity and elegance

A neatly shaped sofa in Scandinavian style should impress with its simple yet elegant design. The most common sofas are those available in a subdued colour palette, as well as in deep and saturated shades, which are intended to enliven a minimalist and monochromatic style.

The Scandinavian sofa will easily fit into both classic and modern space with wooden accents. One of the most important features of a sofa finished in the Scandinavian style is the combination of a decorative function with practical use – the sofa is not very decorative, however, it delights, which does not stop the users from the possibility of everyday use.

The details worth adding to the sofa are cushions – not only will they bring relaxation, but also add a touch of coziness to the whole styling.

Size matters

Before you choose a model that suits your taste, think about whether it will fit into your living room. In a small room, a double sofa will be great, while in larger living rooms, you can afford a corner sofa or even two sofas standing opposite each other with armchairs.

More and more sofas are equipped with a sleeping function, which allows you to quickly and easily unfold the sofa to bed size. Most models additionally have a built-in folding assistant. During the day, the sofa will serve as a resting place, while at night it will turn into a bed, which guarantees safe sleep.

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