Friday, June 25

Rules for placing furniture in bedroom

The bed should be set up first – because if other bedroom furniture do not fit in the room, we simply give them up. It is best to place the bed under one of the walls, so that the headrest is in the middle of the length of that wall. The main rule of placing the bed in the bedroom is that each user should have free access to the bed from his side. So if you have a double bedroom and the bed is used by two people, there should be enough free space on each side of the bed between the furniture and the wall to allow comfortable and unhindered access to the bed. Unless you choose a bed with drawers for bedding – then you need a little more space, enough to be able to extend the drawer freely and reach to its contents. If you put a single bed in the bedroom, you can put it along against the wall, gain more room in the room and have access to the bed from one side only. This solution is especially suitable for bedrooms that are long and narrow. In a square interior it is better to choose a traditional bed arrangement.

Next to the bed it’s worth to set up a bedside table, and if we don’t have room for it, you can choose a wall shelf that won’t take up the floor space, and will create a comfortable possibility to put handy items right before bedtime, without having to go out from under a warm duvet. You should place two bedside tables symmetrically next to a double bed – one at each side of the bed. Another convenient solution that works well when the bedroom is narrow is to place a wooden box in the legs of the bed. If you choose one made of solid wood, with a solid, thick top, you can place a lot of objects on it – those handy and decorative. In addition, the interior of the box can be used to store spare bedding, bedspreads or other things.

If we put a wardrobe in the bedroom, it will look best when placed under the wall perpendicular to the wall where the bed stands. Positioning the furniture in the bedroom on two perpendicular walls will create a cosy angle without overwhelming a small space. Wardrobe set up in such a way will be able to be opened freely, and at the same time wardrobe doors will not make moving around the interior difficult. If, apart from the wardrobe, we want to put a chest of drawers or a stylish dressing table into the interior, it is worth following the rule that from the corner of the room we set up furniture of larger dimensions, and from the middle of the room we set up lighter constructional furniture. Thanks to this we avoid the effect of overwhelming the interior and pressing the console or bookcase behind a massive wardrobe, casting a shadow over other equipment and unnecessarily darkening it.

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