Friday, June 25

How to choose the perfect wardrobe?

For some, it is a place to store clothes, bedding or suitcases. For others, it is a way to organise everyday life. For still others – a passage to an alternative reality, full of magic. For me a wardrobe combines all these functions. And for you? If you still can’t answer this question, then let me take you on a little tour through the kingdom of wardrobes.

When choosing wardrobes for my home, I spent hours looking through catalogues and photos of different arrangements. After all, no one said that finding my dream wardrobe would go off without a hitch. I was prepared for this, because I had previously written down the elements that were important to me, which were supposed to make it easier for me to select individual wardrobe models. Here it is:


space available in the room,



This allowed me to match the wardrobes and their features to the selected rooms in the house.

Move the door – a wardrobe for a small interior

Corridors, small bedrooms or typical wardrobe rooms – these untypical rooms may cause sleepless nights! For they should combine functionality, aesthetics and… also have a character adjusted to the inhabitants.

In such situations I always choose wardrobes with sliding doors, several examples of which can be found here. Doors of this type of wardrobes do not open to the outside and do not go beyond the body of the furniture, so they do not take up any additional space in contrast to traditional hinged doors. As a result, the aisle remains clear, and if necessary you can even put something next to the wardrobe – after all, you won’t need to open the door all the way.

An additional advantage is the possibility of choosing the door with a mirror, which optically enlarges and illuminates the room. Personally, I also like the practical side of this solution. I usually leave the house in a hurry, so thanks to the mirror in the hallway wardrobe I can have a look at my appearance before I leave. Handy, isn’t it?

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