Friday, June 25

A boho-style apartment – how to arrange it?

Boho style is a style of free souls, unlimited freedom and naturalness. For several years now, the boho style in interiors has been returning to favor again, delighting with its flexibility in the selection of cuts, materials and patterns based on aesthetics from a careless and balanced eclecticism, in which designer and modern accents are combined with subdued and delicate classic furniture or folklore patterns. Check out what boho style is and how to bring out the layers of creativity in order to arrange an apartment based on its aesthetics.

Interiors in boho style

The boho style appeared in interiors a little earlier than in the 1960s and 1970s. The roots of the boho style at home go back as far as the 19th century, where the artistic bohemia of the western countries strived for pessimistic modernism not only in terms of spending free time, but also in the context of creating their own living space. Since that time, the boho style in interiors has been changing its form intensively, creating many splits – from Moroccan, through modern boho scandi or folk contemporary versions of the boho style.

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